holopainen hadaway

about me

born: july 18 2001

from: philippines, australia, and finland (with a finnish and australian passport)

interested in: journalism, film, internships, marketing, teaching, human resources, humanitarian aid, social media


currently a second year student of the bachelor of arts and sciences (societies) at University College London (UCL)

  • first year modules: Understanding Social Policy, Introduction to Social Anthropology, Human Ecology: Geographical Perspectives, Introduction to International Relations, Spanish Level 2, Approaches to Knowledge, Interdisciplinary Research Methods, Mathematical Thinking and Quantitative Methods

  • second year modules: n/a

  • third year modules: n/a

  • societies: UCL Pi Media Co-editor-in-chief of PiTV (2020-2021), UCL Film and TV Society Marketing & Communications Officer (2020-2021), FiliFest Media Officer (2020-)


  • UCL Student Representative and Content Creator (April 2020 - August 2020)

  • MAD Travel Marketing Intern (June 2020 - present)

  • Qube Gallery Intern (June - August 2019, June 2020 - Present)

education background: 

International Baccalaureate, Full Diploma (May 2019) at the International School of Manila (40/45) 

  • SL Math (5), Spanish (5), Environmental Science and Societies (7) 

  • HL Psychology (6), Film (7), English Language and Literature (7) 

  • Extended Essay (A) + Theory of Knowledge (A) 

  • Accomplishments: treasurer + organizer of the 2nd annual manila student film festival, received awards for ess student (grade 11) + film student (grade 12) + exemplary student (grade 12)

  • Extracurriculars: Yearbook Editor (4yrs), Treasurer for Film Club (1yr), Video Editor at Bamboo Telegraph Video (2.5yrs), Vice President of GSA (1yr), Public Relations Officer of GSA (1yr)